25 2016 Jun

Lounge Chair Natural set of 2

lounge chair naturalThis lounge chair natural set of 2 is made from eco-friendly yellow pine wood. The chairs fold for easy portability so you can bring them with you to all the fun places such as camping, the beach, fishing, or your own backyard.

This durable lounge chair set comes fully assembled. You can place them out on the deck immediately without the need for tools. When you wish to store these chairs just fold them up. They won’t take a lot of space.

If comfort is what you are seeking, then you’ve found it.


24 2016 Jun

Cuisinart advantage 12 piece knife set

color coded knife setA Cuisinart advantage 12 piece knife set is perfect for your culinary needs. These high-quality professional knives will have you slicing and dicing the most perfect meals for your family. When was the last time you made a good stir fry? Now you can.

The bright colors help you avoid cross-contamination while you prep your food. These knives have matching sheaths. The ergonomic handles give you a good grip.

These bright knives will make cooking fun. Let’s cut up some vegetables for a great summer salad. Hmm, maybe slice up some apples for a pie.


19 2016 Jun


happy father's dayHAPPY FATHER’S DAY.

May we continue to serve your needs.


18 2016 Jun

Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System for Dad

Bose Home Theater Speaker SystemWould Dad like a Bose Cinemate 15 Home Theater Speaker System to hook up to the TV? Silly question. Dad would love to have this home theater speaker system hooked up. He won’t even mind if he has to do all the connecting himself.

So he thinks the sound is great on his HD TV? Wait til he hears the sound when this baby is hooked up. He will be over the moon. The full, impressive sound will bring TV shows, movies, the game, and gaming to life.

Dad will have a blast with this.

P. S. Mom is going to love it too.


15 2016 Jun

Patio Furniture on Our Porch

4 patio furnitureThere’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing on the porch on a warm summer’s day. I like it when my significant other fires up the grill and we all have a fun time outside. We like to invite friends over, too. Sharing the experience is part of the fun, after all. We just spend time outside with some good food and some good stories to tell each other.

That’s what I really like about summer. I like that we can use the patio furniture for good times and good fun. Instead of being cooped up inside because it’s raining, snowing, or both, we can relax outside where the air is fresh and clean. It’s also a great excuse to have people over, or to get the barbecue going.

The thing is, I really like being around other people. I get antsy when I’m by myself for too long. That’s why I’m glad to have so many friends and someone who loves me. And luckily for me, they all like spending time outside, too! When my guests come over, they’re always so surprised of how much patio furniture we have. They like to remark on how comfy it all is, too.

14 2016 Jun

Cordless adjustable electric drill & screwdriver

cordless adjustable electric drill and screwdriver setCordless adjustable electric drill & screwdriver for Dad on Father’s Day. Oh yeah. You know Dad likes tools.

This comes with a 65 piece drill bit, screw head, and socket set. The battery is rechargeable and it has a flashlight to boot. What more can a man need?

Dad always has a little project he is working on so let’s help him out with a new tool set.

10 2016 Jun

Char Broil tru infrared bistro gas grill for Father’s Day.

char broil infrared gas grillA Char Broil tru infrared bistro gas grill is a great gift for Father’s Day. Dad is always ready to grill something so why not give him a new style grill.

The infrared feature should make grilling faster and easier. This grill also comes with a cover to protect it.

This Father’s Day present Dad with his new infrared grill then bring out those steaks and ribs for him to grill up for the family.

Do you have a special barbecue sauce or rub you use on the ribs?

8 2016 Jun

Swan Comforter Sets Work Well with My Decor

3 comforter setI’ve always been a fan of birds since I was really little. I like birdwatching and reading up on what ones appear here during certain times of the year. But most of all, I think I like swans. They’ve always been a symbol of beauty and love, so I really like that. And because of that, they’ve made their way into my home decor.

I have a swan shower curtain, some swan figures on shelves, and other swan things. But I think my favorite piece of swan decor is one of those swan comforter sets I’ve been seeing around. I simply had to have it, because it boasts gorgeous colors. I also like that the two swans are touching heads, which makes them form a heart. It’s just too cute.

So while some people might look at my decor and wonder if I’m a romantic, to be honest, I just love swans. I like birds, because they’re really cute and fun to watch. I also had a dream when I was a kid; I wanted to fly. While I know now that’s not possible without a plane or a helicopter, it’s still a big part of why I like birds.

6 2016 Jun

Hex end socket bits for Dad this father’s Day.

provides extra strengthHex end socket bits for Dad this Father’s Day. Dad is always looking for new tools and these can prove to be pretty useful.

Bits are full length stock making them stronger and longer lasting. The sizes are printed in white to make them easier to read. Manufacturer states they are 20% stronger than the competition.

You know Dad can use these in his workshop.

4 2016 Jun

The Nesting Place

The Nesting Place Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful.nesting place doesn't have to be perfect

Myquillyn Smith writes the ultimate decorating book based on the reality of our busy lives. Pets, kids, hectic schedules, she brings fresh ideas on how to tame your chaos into a warm, practical, and inviting home.

We all could use her advice.