22 2016 Oct

Outdoor Fire and Ice Lightshow Orange

Outdoor Fire and Ice Lightshow Orange

Fire and Ice Lightshow Orange

An outdoor fire and ice lightshow orange could be the perfect solution for lighting up your house this Halloween.

First, let’s start with the decorative aspect. It’s Halloween. That means everything is orange. This is a quick easy decoration to set up and it looks terrific when turned on at night.

Most important, it is extra lighting at night when you will be having many people coming to your front door. Safety is so important. Any extra lighting you can add is a plus.

Have fun!

21 2016 Oct

Halloween Movie Nite

Halloween movie nite

Halloween the movie

A Halloween movie nite could be a new yearly tradition for your family only if your children have the ripe old age of seventeen. That means they probably won’t be home anyway.

So pop up a huge bowl of popcorn. Gather the chips and salsa. Order the pizza. Grab some sodas.  It’s time to do some serious viewing and eating.

Halloween II / Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Double Feature)

Halloween II / Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Time to scare yourself silly. You know you’re going to jump, totally startled, each time the guy suddenly appears.

The first movie in the series is finished. Time to continue with the other movies in the series. Oh yeah, You are a glutton for punishment.

Enjoy your Halloween movie nite. By the way, your door is locked. Isn’t it?

21 2016 Oct

Halloween Brain Gelatin Mold

Halloween Brain Gelatin Mold

Brain Gelatin Mold

A Halloween brain gelatin mold is what you need to make an appropriate snack for your Halloween party. You probably aren’t in the mood to cook up a cow’s brain to serve your guests although that would properly gross them out. Therefore a jello mold it is.

Red gelatin tastes good and is always reliable. If you want to make it pinker, my guess is to replace some of the cold water with a little milk or cream. I’m not sure if the dairy would curdle so plan on experimenting a little. Perhaps that would vary with the brand of gelatin.

Green jello would look good with a big knife stuck into it.

Do you have any ideas what else would work with the Halloween brain gelatin mold? Do you have a good recipe? Please share the info in comments. Thanks.

19 2016 Oct

Comfortable Sofa Beds Are Perfect for Having My Kids Stay Over

1-comfortable-sofa-bedsNow that my children are grown up and live away at college all of the time, I only get to see them when they come up for very special occasions. It is wonderful to be able to have them here, but since I have a really small home, it is more challenging for them to stay here. I don’t have a guest room or anything like this that they might be able to stay in all of the time.

Since I still like them to stay with me, I try to make sure that I am able to make it so that they can be comfortable in the living room. When I was first trying to find the right kind of a sofa that I might be able to have in this room, I looked for some comfortable sofa beds that would work. I was able to find a really nice one that seems to be perfect for my children to sleep on.

This bed is actually one that is comfortable enough that I would sleep on it if I wasn’t sleeping in my bedroom. My children seem to enjoy it as well since they never complain about it when they are staying in my home with me. I love having them stay with me when they get a chance between quarters.

18 2016 Oct

Huge 4 Ft. Black Hairy Spider Tarantula with LED Eyes

 Huge 4 Ft. Black Hairy Spider  Tarantula with LED Eyes

Huge Black Hairy Spider with LED Eyes

A huge 4 ft. black hairy spider tarantula with LED eyes is the manufacturer’s title description but it really is only 40 inches, That is still big enough to scare your arachnophobic friends. Perhaps you can play the movie Arachnophobia in the background. They will tell you that “you are one sick dude”. So what!

Halloween requires ugly scary party decorations. Go ahead and party.

17 2016 Oct

Halloween LED Lighting, Halloween LED Sparkle Tree with Cats, Pumpkins And Spiders

Halloween LED Sparkle Tree with Cats, Pumpkins And Spiders

Halloween LED Sparkle Tree with Cats, Pumpkins And Spiders

How about Halloween LED lighting such as a  Halloween LED sparkle tree with cats, pumpkins, and spiders. This will look great as a centerpiece on your party buffet table next to all those fabulous munchies.

Now the purple lighted tree is cute but there is never a way to make spiders look cute, even glowing with sparkles. Thank goodness there are cats and pumpkins to compensate.

Enjoy your Halloween party and save a plate of goodies for me.

17 2016 Oct

Halloween Toilet Seat Grabber Decoration

fun Halloween Toilet Seat Grabber Decoration

Halloween Toilet Seat Grabber

A Halloween toilet seat grabber decoration is another little decorative item you might want to add for your party. More childish pranks. What the heck. Your friends will love it.

Nothing like the sight of blood dripping down the toilet when you are l bit queasy from too many adult beverages. Then to top it off, there is this handsome gent staring up at you. Alright! There is definitely a party going on.

You are going to startle a few unsuspecting guests. Don’t worry. They will still be your friends in the morning.

Have fun! Call taxis for those who shouldn’t drive.

14 2016 Oct

Skeleton Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory

Skeleton bathroom Door Cover

Skeleton Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory

A skeleton restroom door cover party accessory is what you need to decorate for your Halloween party. What? No privacy? Even for a corpse?

Sure it’s childish. Depending on the right group of people (or wrong group of people) who you’ve invited, they will love it. A serious party crowd will find this to be fun.

What’s really great, your mother-in-law will find this truly offensive, never coming over again. If by chance she likes it and thinks it’s fun, invite her to the party. Tell her to bring a couple of 6-packs of beer.

May you have a rip-roaring Halloween party that the neighbors will be talking about for years to come.

12 2016 Oct

Witch Stake Cauldron Pot Solar Lighted Lantern Halloween Silhouette Yard Display

Witch Solar Lighted Halloween Silhouette Yard Display

Witch Cauldron Pot Halloween Silhouette Yard Display

Have fun this year with a witch stake cauldron pot solar lighted lantern Halloween silhouette yard display. Yeah, that’s what the manufacturer calls it. You and I call it Halloween witch display. Oh, well.

The silhouette really does present a great image. Two witches over a simmering cauldron, one stirs while the other adds the bones of a small child (Oh, no, not the brat down the street you can’t stand. No! Don’t do that. Not nice!).

A solar lantern lights it up nicely and you do not have to plug the darn thing in anywhere. Since it is a silhouette, the display will not take up much storage space when Halloween is over and all the candy is gone.

11 2016 Oct

A Sony DVD Player Works Well With My Entertainment System

sony dvd playerI recently started to have some major problems with my DVD player which eventually resulted in me having to give that one up as a lost cause. I had been hoping that I would be able to have one that would last a lot longer, but in reality, it didn’t surprise me that my cheap DVD player hadn’t worked for more than a few years before breaking.

To make sure that I would be able to continue to play all of the movies that I wanted, I had to find a new DVD player that I would be able to connect to the rest of my entertainment system. I looked at a whole bunch of different types of DVD players and compared all of the different brand names so that I could find the ones that were the best quality this time around.

Eventually, I ended up deciding on a specific kind of DVD player that would work well in my home. I installed my new Sony DVD player with little difficulty and was very glad to be able to find the right way to get everything connected. This DVD player is just what I need to make sure that I am able to get the most from my entertainment system.