28 2016 Sep

Blossom Sun Abstract Metal Wall Art

Blossom Sun Abstract Metal Wall Art

Blossom Sun Abstract Metal Wall Art

This Blossom Sun Abstract Metal Wall Art would enhance your living room decor 100%. What a fab find!

I love the swirly rays of the sun. They add movement to this wall art, almost as if it is rotating. The double concentric ring of metal squares perpetuates the appearance of rotation.

Place the Blossom Sun abstract Metal Wall Art over your sofa or on your dining room wall and bring these rooms to life.

27 2016 Sep

Buying Some New Cotton Bath Towels for My Home

cotton bath towelsI recently noticed that the bath towels that we have been using for quite a while now, are starting to get very threadbare and unable to really hold up too much. I don’t like using towels like these because they just aren’t very comfortable. They feel scratchy on my skin and don’t seem to be at all the kind of towels that I would like to use around my home.

Since I need some different towels to use for sure, I have started to look online for different types of towels. I have managed to find plenty of very beautiful cotton bath towels that are thick and soft, perfect for me to use around my home. I am so excited to be able to find the right kind of towels so that I will be able to use to keep myself more comfortable.

With some new towels in my home, I am sure that I will be able to feel a lot better when it is time to dry myself off. It will be so nice for me to not have to worry about having to deal with scratchy and uncomfortable towels every single time I get out of the shower.

23 2016 Sep

Eames style dining chair

eames style dining chair

Eames style dining chair

An Eames style dining chair would look great in your kitchen or dining room. The modern lines of this chair naturally lend themselves to placement wherever you need a good chair.

The black matte finish of the seat and beech wood legs look outstanding together. This is one well constructed and stylish chair.

Think about other rooms where you could use additional seating. Maybe a desk chair in a child’s room or just an extra seat in the corner of the den. You will find a place for this chair in your home.


21 2016 Sep

Bed in a Bag Navy, Simple Plaid

bed in a bag navy simple plaid

bed in a bag navy simple plaid

bed in a bag navy simple plaid will give your bedroom a crisp new look. The geometrics of this window pane plaid makes it stand out. It’s not just a plain navy comforter.

You can do amazing things with this color   combination. The entire room can take on a nautical look. You can get patriotic by adding red and more of the navy and white. How about adding bold splashes of yellow with additional navy and white?

There are so many color combinations you may put with this set!

21 2016 Sep

Rustic Pine Furniture Looks Great in My Dining Room

rustic pine furnitureWhen I started to work on making my home have a much more rustic theme on the whole, I was able to really enjoy adding some new items to the space. I was most interested in making sure that I was able to get some different types of furnishings that would fit into this kind of decor. It wasn’t easy to find the right kind of items to make this possible.

In the end, I went online just so that I would be able to find the right kind of furniture that I could use in my home. I was able to find a lot of wonderful examples of many beautiful types of rustic pine furniture that I would be able to use on a regular basis. I felt great being able to find furnishings that would really work in my space.

With new rustic furnishings and many other great items that I can use in my dining room, I am starting to feel that I am really getting a lot out of the different types of furnishings that I have added to my space. These furnishings really help to take the decorating scheme to the next level. I love the way everything looks now.

20 2016 Sep

Wall Art Decor Makes My Home Look Beautiful

wall art decorOne of the main things that I have tried to do to make sure that I am able to make my home really look its best is to get different types of artworks placed throughout my home. It is always exciting to be able to have the right kinds of art items all around a space. Taking the time to pick out these different art items is always important since so many of these different ones improve the look of my home.

When I am looking at different pieces of art that I might be able to use in my home, I have to take several different things into consideration. I have to make sure that I am able to decorate my home with the best kinds of wall art decor rather than putting up just anything. It is very important to make sure that the different pieces I hang up are very elegant.

Most recently, I acquired a beautiful painting of lily pads that I should be able to hang up in my dining room. I know that having such a lovely painting will really add to the space. It is very nice to be able to find something that is so beautiful that I can use to make my home look so much better.

16 2016 Sep

Bypass Pruning Shears and Folding Hand Saw Multitool Set

Bypass Pruning Shears and Folding Hand Saw

Bypass Pruning Shears and Folding Hand Saw Multitool Set

A bypass pruning shears and folding hand saw multitool set will help you with your gardening chores. Fall is here and you are planning your fall seasonal plantings. You are also looking to clean up and prune the end of summer  remains.

Good well-made equipment allows the tasks to be quickly completed. Ergonomically designed handles with rubberized grips ensure comfort and safety. Your yard will be tidy in no time.

Now you can have fun deciding what to plant.

14 2016 Sep

Some Cool Home Decor Accessories Make My Room Look Great

home decor accessoriesI have been working really hard to make sure that I am able to get the right kind of accessories to make it so that my room looks completely different. I have wanted to change the look of my room on the whole, so the idea of having some different types of home accessories that might change the way it looks really appeals to me. I have to find items to make it look great.

I have been shopping for a lot of different items including tapestries, wall hangings, and many other items that I can use to make it so that my home looks absolutely wonderful. I have been enjoying choosing many home decor accessories that I can use to make my bedroom into a much more attractive space for me to spend a lot of time in.

To make sure that I can change the look of my home, I have been eliminating most of the darker colors that I used to have in the room. In their place, I have added items with beautiful and bright colors that we can really enjoy. It is very exciting to be able to have so many new items in my room.

13 2016 Sep

Oil Rubbed Bronze Firebowl

Oil Rubbed Bronze Firebowl

Oil Rubbed Bronze Firebowl

Summer’s not over yet. This oil rubbed bronze firebowl will extend those glorious evenings on the patio until late fall.

No, it’s never too chilly when you have a raging fire blazing away in your firepit. Just gather around, good company, good friends, and family. Enjoy the crackling fire as you discuss what’s currently happening whether on the political scene, sports, or your everyday lives.

It’s all good. Share some beverages and tasty snacks. What a great evening by the fire.

10 2016 Sep

Spiralizer Spiral Slicer

Spiralizer Spiral Slicer

Spiralizer Spiral Slicer

A Spiralizer spiral slicer is a fun easy way to add more fiber while reducing carbs in your diet. You know darn well your doctor keeps telling you to eat more vegetables. You just need some ideas beyond the same old veggies you eat on a regular basis.

What’s more fun than a new kitchen gadget to try out? This spiralizer comes with a cleaning brush and recipes.

Ready to spiralize a zucchini? These zoodles (zucchini noodles) can be lightly sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with minced garlic and herbs for a low carb but tasty meal. If you want, you can parboil them, drain, and serve with pasta sauce and grated parmigiana cheese replacing the spaghetti in your favorite pasta dish. Zoodles can be added to salads. They will blend well with the rest of your salad favorites. I’m getting hungry.

Carrots are another vegetable to spiralize. The carrot spirals can be cooked in your favorite recipes. Try adding them to soups or salads.

Less common vegetables can be spiralized, too. Use your Spiralizer spiral slicer on parsnips. The thin parsnip noodles will cook quickly in your favorite fall recipes. Beets won’t provide long noodles since they aren’t long but they can be added to salads or cooked, perhaps sauteed in butter.

Have fun with your Spiralizer and lower your carbs. The possibilities are endless.