23 2016 Aug

Stainless Steel Coffee Cup

Stainless Steel Coffee CupA stainless steel coffee cup is an attractive container for your morning cup of coffee. The matching stainless steel plate and spoon are a great finishing touch to your morning habit.

What is your preference in the morning? Is it plain black, extra light, hazelnut, cappuccino, or even espresso? Whichever wonderful brew it might be, please enter your comment and join the discussion. We all have our favorite. Please tell us yours.

This cup has a double-wall design and it’s definitely dishwasher safe.

Time to enjoy a cup of joe now.

21 2016 Aug

10 inch cooling gel mattress

10 inch cooling gel mattress10 inch cooling gel mattress might be what you are craving during this summer heat. You like a good foam mattress but many can retain a little heat.

The cooling gel in this goes a long way towards keeping  you comfortable. There is a 3-inch layer of breathable foam infused with gel that will enhance your sleep. No more tossing and turning is good news.

This mattress will bring you that good night’s sleep you desire.

19 2016 Aug

A Home Greenhouse Allows Me to Grow Plants Easily

home greenhouse 8-02-16When I started to work on growing some different types of plants out in my own yard, I was really interested in being able to get them to be healthy and strong before they went into the ground. I thought that if I started the plants inside this would make it so that I would be able to keep them from all dying when they were just planted in the soil outside.

The plants I grew inside thrived for a while, but when I moved them outside many of them didn’t make it. It seems that the change in the temperature was just far too extreme on the whole. I had to find a better way to grow plants and get them started in a safer environment without them just getting way too cold when I took them outdoors.

I decided that I would be able to fix the problem by growing all of my plants in my own home greenhouse where they would be able to be exposed to the temperatures without getting too cold right away. It was wonderful to be able to think about transferring these different kinds of plants and having them actually survive so much better.

14 2016 Aug

Pure Copper Water Bottle

Pure Copper Water BottleA pure copper water bottle will keep your water cold and help you stay hydrated. There is deep threading on the cap and a silicone seal to keep this water bottle leakproof.

Take this with you on all your outdoor activities. Keep it in the car as you run your household errands. Even bring this with you when you visit your mother-in-law.

No more plastic water bottles to recycle. A pure copper water bottle is ecological and reusable. Best of all it has great style and looks good wherever you go. (Don’t know if you should fill it with a Moscow Mule. Definitely not if you are driving!)

Stay hydrated. Stay safe.

14 2016 Aug

Rubbermaid Storage Containers Make It Easy to Store Everything in My Kitchen

rubbermaid storage containersWhen I make a lot of food for my family, my goal is to have some leftovers that we will be able to use later in the week. It is great to be able to have an easy day where I can just reheat leftovers that my family can eat on days when I don’t cook. This is excellent because we don’t have to worry about being tempted to go out to eat on busy days.

To make sure that we are able to store things in the fridge so that they won’t end up getting all dried out and gross, we have to put them in the right kind of storage containers. I have an entire set of Rubbermaid storage containers that I am able to use in my kitchen to make sure that I am able to store the food properly each time I put it away.

These containers are so handy because they come in a good variety of sizes and have tight fitting lids that are perfect to use around our home. It is wonderful to be able to have the right kinds of storage containers that I can use when storing leftovers. It really does make a big difference in how these end up tasting later on.

12 2016 Aug

Bose Acoustimass 3 Series V Stereo Speaker System for your Student

Bose Acoustimass 3 Series V Stereo Speaker System A Bose Acoustimass 3 Series V Stereo Speaker System for your student as they go off to college. Your young adult, off on their first foray into the world of grown up education without parents, needs and wants a good sound system.

The price is reasonable for such a good quality speaker system. It is a good basic system for your student, meant to last a long time. The speakers are low profile, able to mount flush to your wall. These Bose speakers will be perfect for a crowded dorm room.

9 2016 Aug

Desk Lamp with Night Light

LED-Desk-Lamp-with-Multi-Colored-Night-Light-A desk lamp with night light becomes special when it is a multi-colored night light. Sure, this is a great LED desk lamp necessary for studying since the neck is flexible and can be twisted to any angle needed.

The fun part with the night light is the color wheel can be adjusted to any color and there is the option of color change every three seconds. When not studying you can manipulate the ambience of your room to make it perfect for listenig to music or just hanging out.

A desk lamp that helps you study and have fun later is what every student needs for their room.

8 2016 Aug

Quality Kitchenware is Great to Have in My Kitchen

kitchenware 8-02-16When I first moved into a house that had a bigger kitchen, I was so excited to be able to start cooking on a much more regular basis. It was very exciting for me to be able to start cooking again because cooking is something that I really enjoy doing. I know that without being able to cook I was eating a lot of foods that weren’t very good for me.

To make sure that I would be able to cook in my kitchen, I had to purchase a lot of different kitchenware that I would be able to use. This meant buying all kinds of pots and pans in addition to plenty of great utensils that I could use while cooking. I made sure to pay for quality kitchenware that would work wonderfully in my kitchen.

I am so glad that I made sure to invest in kitchenware that would actually be very high quality since I feel that otherwise I would have ended up with something that didn’t work as well. In my kitchen I am able to do just about anything that I want to because I have all of the great items that I need for my kitchen.

6 2016 Aug

Black twin sheet set for your college student?

Black twin sheet set Need a black twin sheet set for your college student? Yes, black sheets could be considered a phase or perhaps better yet an early sign of style and sophistication for your young adult heading off to college. Style? Sophistication? Your child? Yes! You’ll take it!

This particular sheet set is wrinkle resistant and has deep pockets. It will look good while fitting most mattresses. The sheets do come in other sizes  and a total of 23 colors. You will definitely find what’s needed for the dorm room.

Have a great year at school. Study hard.

4 2016 Aug

Essential Oil Diffuser Portable

 Essential Oil DiffuserAn Essential Oil Diffuser portable style is also a humidifier that can be used in any room of your home dispensing wonderful calming, soothing, or invigorating scents. You can choose from a wide array of essential oils to fulfill your needs.

Aromatherapy will make your home smell fabulous and improve your wellbeing.