30 2016 May

Outdoor home patio gas firepit will be ready to warm your guests.

gas firepitOutdoor home patio gas firepit will be ready to warm your guests when evenings cool down. Imagine sitting around this gas firepit with friends and family. The conversation flows along with the cold beverages. The kids are toasting marshmallows. What a great evening!

The quick spark ignition will easily light this for you while the gas flow knob allows you to adjust the height and heat of your fire. You’ll never have to buy wood as one does for non-gas firepits or fight trying to get the darn thing to light.

Enjoy some wonderful summer evenings with the family.

25 2016 May

Cuisinart Pans Make Great Stir Fry

1 cuisinart panHaving the appropriate cookware makes a dish even more delicious. You need pots, pans, and other cookware that makes food cook the way you want it. Certain things are better for certain foods, of course. So it’s up to you as the chef to make sure everything is being used right and to the best of your ability.

For example, when I get my Cuisinart pans out, I feel like I’m ready to cook up some savory stir fry. I like using a pan like that to make veggies, noodles, and meat all sizzle together. And once I add some soy sauce to the mix, it sizzles even more. I even like to show off by tossing the mix in the air a little, but not too high. I wouldn’t want it all over the floor, after all.

In the end, using the right cookware for the right food is always a good decision for any cook. I make great stir fry just with my skillet pan by Cuisinart, but I could also make other foods with other pots and pans. Knowing what in the kitchen makes what meal in the best way possible is essential to being a master chef.

25 2016 May

T-fal 3 piece omelette set

t-fal 3 piece omelette setA T-fal 3 piece omelette set can start your morning off right. T-fal is noted for its simple non-stick cooking ability and easy clean up. Our mornings are busy enough so non-stick with even heating and easy clean up is what we all need.

Many of us are cutting carbs and eating more eggs in the morning. Besides being packed with nutrients and protein, eggs can be economical. Think about what you can add into an omelette.

It’s asparagus season here in New Jersey. How about some asparagus in your omelette. Chop up some tomato and mushroom and add a pinch each of parsley and basil into your eggs. Left over bits and pieces from last night’s dinner will also blend well into an omelette. Whatever you use, the secret is to chop it small enough to heat through when cooking.

These are saute pans too. Do you like breaded zucchini? Here’s a shortcut version. Heat olive oil and a chopped clove of garlic, add sliced zucchini with a little parsley and basil, saute until almost finished cooking, then add a handful or two of breadcrumbs. Stir the breadcrumbs through your zucchini until well mixed and heated. It is ready to serve in a flash and you did not have to first stop and bread every darn piece of zucchini but you still have that texture of breading.

Time to do some serious cooking with T-fal.

22 2016 May

Rolling seat and scoot to make yard work easier.

rolling seat and scootRolling seat and scoot to make yard work easier. Hey, everybody out there with bad backs and bad knees, this rolling seat and scoot is for you. All you projects where you have to work down low just became more comfortable and doable. Thank Heaven. It’s about time.

The height of the swivel seat can be adjusted making your tasks easier for you. The long push-pull handle can be used as a backrest. You can even hang onto it to assist you with sitting or standing.

This durable scoot is rust free and easy to clean. It is patiently waiting for you so it can help with your home and garden chores.

18 2016 May

Bath And Body Works Lotion Keeps My Skin Soft All Day Long

bath and body works twilight lotionPutting on my Bath And Body Works lotion every day puts me in a state of relaxation and peace. I love the lotion that I got recently that features a very enticing scent and gives me some kind of warmth as I take the freshness of it in and get ready for my day. I like to put lotion on in the mornings to have soft and smooth skin as I go about my day.

Lotions are great for keeping my skin soft and for keeping the cracking and dryness away. If I don’t put lotion on regularly, my skin tends to get very dry, especially in the winter. This results in painful cuts on my skin that take a while to heal. Putting on lotion every morning has really made a big difference in making sure that my skin doesn’t get this way.

My skin can stay perfectly soft and smooth with my Bath And Body Works lotion. This lotion absorbs really quickly and is gentle on my skin. It heals any dry areas of my skin quickly and gives me protective vitamins as well. I get moisture that lasts all day long with this lotion and I can have the soft skin that I want to have.

17 2016 May

High-back executive chair

ergonomic desk chairNot only would a high-back executive chair look good behind your desk but it might prove to be just what you needed for your back. Think how an ergonomic chair might improve your posture while supporting your back properly. The padding makes this executive chair even more comfortable.

The casters roll allowing for easy movement, there is pneumatic seat adjustment, and a smooth 360-degree swivel.

This executive desk chair is stylish and practical. It will upgrade the decor of your home office instantly.

Come sit behind your desk.

12 2016 May

American Flag for Memorial Day.

American flagAre you ready to fly an American Flag for Memorial Day? Did you check your old flag? Has it seen better days. Yes, it seems faded and there is some stitching beginning to come apart.

If it’s time to replace your old flag, why don’t you check out this poly cotton flag with an ornamental eagle topper? It is 3 ft. by 5 ft. and comes with a six foot pole.

Do you remember that it originally was called Decoration Day. It all began in 1868. In 1971 it became a national holiday named Memorial Day.

Your home will look great with this American flag flying on Memorial Day.

11 2016 May

My Living Room Furniture Sets Give Me A Modern Look

living room furniture brownI enjoy having a modern look in my home and that’s why I got some amazing living room furniture sets that give me just the look that I need. One of these sets includes a sofa and a loveseat in a pretty dark brown color. I love the sophisticated and upscale look that this set has. It really makes my living room a good place to spend time in.

Having a modern look in my home gives it a vibe that’s perfect for me. I like to keep up with all of the latest trends and to keep up with the pace of the world that we live in. I want my home to reflect that and that’s why I always go for furniture that has a modern style to it. There are so many cool furniture sets out there.

Some of the other living room furniture sets that I have include a set that features a TV stand and a pretty living room floor lamp. This set looks great in my living room and provides the perfect atmosphere for enjoying my favorite movies and TV shows. It’s nice to spend time in my living room with my furniture sets that help to complete the look of it.

9 2016 May

Countryside cedar garden bench

A countryside cedar garden bench may be just the touch your western red cedar garden benchyard needs. The bench is handcrafted from western red cedar, built to withstand many years in your garden.

That shady spot over by the perennial bed is the perfect place to locate this bench. Imagine enjoying a sunny afternoon with a good book or sitting with your best friend chatting about plans for the week ahead. Your children will be playing with their pals on this bench all summer long. Best of all, when you have the family over for a cook out there will be extra seating.

8 2016 May


mother's day

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. Thank you for all you do.